Sunday, February 20, 2011

Dirty Laundry

Laundry day used to be the day of the week I dreaded most. But after a little creative tweaking, it's now a fun day at our house. It all started with me trying to get out of carrying all the loads of dirty clothes downstairs. So we came up with a solution: let's make it fun!

We have a top story with a balcony that overlooks the entryway below. Every week the kids look forward to the start of Laundry Day, because it begins with me dumping everyone's hamper full of dirty clothes right on top of their heads!

The kids sit under the balcony and excitedly get showered with all our clothes. After giggling and burring each other, we have fun jumping in the pile, having clothes fights, and dressing up.

After a bit of fun, the kids help me sort the clothes by running each item of clothing into it's corresponding laundry basket: darks, whites, lights, delicates, etc. They like naming the color of each item of clothing and taking a guess as to which basket it goes in.

Wait for it.... wait for it...

Laundry Drop!!!

A little help from the kiddos makes mom's job sooo much easier, and they sure don't seem to mind :)


  1. congrats on finding a way to make it a bit more fun :>) My friend who has a 2 story found a way to make a laundry chute from the second floor down to her laundry room...made her life a lot easier!

  2. Hi Krista! I just read all of your latest posts. Your kids are so darling - it is exciting that you are expecting.

    I love your laundry day tradition! How fun for the kiddos!

    I hope you are happy and well. Keep us posted on the happenings of Baby Jones #3. We love you and your family! We are thinking of you!

  3. Fun. I have been missing your blog. It wasn't showing up on my updating blogs or something, but I'm glad I got it now!